What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Not exactly from Brazil and not necessarily a lift, the Brazilian Butt Lift nonetheless combines two great procedures for one outstanding result. No one is sure from where the name originates, as it was not started in Brazil or by a Brazilian surgeon. In addition, it is not a traditional butt lift as there are no large scars and no synthetic implants. The Brazilian Butt Lift combines liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back and upper thighs (to slim your waist and legs) with re-injection of this fat into your buttock to improve dimples and plump up your bottom. The results are dramatic and give the hourglass shape of youth.

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Hunter Moyer performs Brazilian butt lifts instead of using synthetic material such as silicone implants because the risk of infection is minimal, scars are smaller, and results are better. By using your own fat, you know that results are natural and will change in proportion to your body’s changes. Results from Brazilian butt lifts are permanent and will be noticeable directly after the procedure. While the body naturally re-absorbs some of the fat, the remaining fat will fill in the targeted injection area. The fat transfer technique has also been applied to other procedures such as breast reconstruction and the treatment of facial aging.

Prior to the procedure, Dr. Moyer meets with each patient to determine targeted areas to remove fat and how much fat will be transferred for a proportional result. For patients who are simply concerned with excess, unwanted fat, Dr. Moyer also performs liposuction individually to remove fat from specific problem areas.

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