Liposuction for Thin Patients


Rapid City SD Plastic SurgeonMany people love the summer months that give them the opportunity to flaunt a little more skin in sundresses, shorts, tanks, and skirts – allowing them to cool down while also looking fashionable. However, many others find they are extremely self-conscious to expose certain areas of their skin, choosing to remain covered up despite the oppressive summer heat. The human body is a complicated machine in which many different factors play a role in how the body looks, how easily it is to get in shape, and how much fat the body holds on to. Genetics play a huge role in every person’s body, making “trouble spots” different for everyone. There are some people who live at the gym and who still struggle with saddle bags or a lower abdomen pooch, while there are others who barely exercise at all and remain stick thin. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that has helped millions of adults remove pockets of stubborn fat in order to enhance the shape of their body. (more…)