Chemical Peels - Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Hunter Moyer is an experienced plastic surgeon who offers chemical peels and skin resurfacing procedures to significantly improve your facial appearance. Our facial skin rejuvenation services are always customized to match your unique concerns and individual skin types. You will find that Dr. Moyer is committed to using the most effective yet minimally invasive procedures that provide positive, natural results. Chemical peels use exfoliation methods to restore a more youthful and energetic look in your face.

Chemical peels are used to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of sun damage, fine wrinkles and general aging. When a patient undergoes a chemical peel or skin resurfacing, a peel solution is applied to the skin to help slough off dead or damaged cells. This process ultimately reveals a newer, brighter complexion.

Dr. Moyer offers a variety of chemical peels to address your specific concerns. Patients with skin conditions such as minor photo aging or acne will benefit best from mild to moderate chemical peels. While patients with moderate to severe photo damage or other conditions will achieve better results from moderate to deep peels. Deeper peels stimulate new collagen production thereby tightening the entire face.

Contact us today. Dr. Moyer can recommend a chemical peel that will leave you feeling refreshed and confident. In many cases, patients choose chemical peels in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as cosmetic injections or surgery. Regardless of your needs and goals, you can trust that Dr. Moyer delivers super, patient-centered care every step of the way.