Facial Scar Revision


Cumming GA Facial Plastic SurgeonThe body has amazing healing properties, one of which is that the skin can heal itself after it has received trauma or damage. Scars are a natural response to injury, and they are necessary for protecting the skin against infection. Some scars are seen as “battle wounds” from falling off a bike, surgery, or receiving an injury during a sporting event. However, there are other scars that are more serious and can have devastating effects on those affected. Scars that occur on the face often leave people embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearance. There are also times when a facial scar is the result of a tragedy or deformity, and the constant reminder is an emotional hardship that people must deal with on a daily basis. Dr. Hunter Moyer, MD, is a dedicated plastic surgeon who offers his expertise to help patients with unsightly scars achieve an aesthetically pleasant result through facial scar revision. Dr. Moyer offers individualized treatment with the most precise scar revision to erase the signs that cause emotional pain or distress. (more…)