AcCellerate Skin Rejuvenation

Your latest, groundbreaking facial rejuvenation procedure is here. Dr. Hunter Moyer proudly offers AcCellerate Skin Rejuvenation, which has revolutionized the way patients can regain a more youthful facial appearance. This simple, minimally invasive skin resurfacing procedure uses the regenerative power of your body’s own stem cells to effectively improve the signs of facial aging.

As we age, our facial skin naturally loses volume and elasticity, which is why we see wrinkles and sagging over time. In essence, our facial skin needs more collagen and elastin to retain its youth. While topical creams and serums can reduce the signs of aging to a degree, they are not able to penetrate through the skin’s protective covering (or stratum corneum) and into the deeper dermis layers, which is where true collagen and elastic production take place. AcCellerate is a breakthrough technique that finally addresses the signs of aging at their source. By harnessing your body’s own stem cells to stimulate skin regrowth in the innermost layers, your facial skin can naturally regenerate for a long-lasting, youthful glow.

Your Stem Cells for Your Skin Resurfacing

Use your own natural and powerful stem cells to turn back the hands of time. No commercial product can compare to the effectiveness and safety of using your own stem cells in your skin resurfacing treatment.

We use the following three simple steps to complete the patent-protected process of AcCellerate Skin Rejuvenation:

1. Isolate Stem Cells: We isolate and harvest your stem cells and growth factors from tissues obtained through either liposuction or a blood draw, depending on your preference and needs. Patients who desire liposuction to remove areas of unwanted fat find this procedure to mutually beneficial.

2. Resurface Your Skin: Next, patients undergo skin resurfacing by laser, chemical peel or dermabrasion. This quick and minimally invasive procedure removes the outermost layers of the stratum corneum and leaves the inner dermis exposed. During this step your skin is tightened and prepared for the effective absorption of your rejuvenating stem cells.

3. Apply Stem Cell Serum: Lastly, we mix your own stem cells and growth factors into your unique healing serum. This concentrated serum is applied to the exposed dermis, where it can effectively stimulate collagen and new skin growth. We typically recommend that patients apply this post-procedure Stem Cell cream for the next 5-7 days.

Depending on your specific needs, the AcCellerate Skin Rejuvenation procedure can be performed in the operating room under anesthesia or using only a local anesthetic. After your procedure, you can enjoy the powerful experience of watching your own stem cells begin to tighten, heal and rejuvenate your facial skin. Patients love the confidence they feel in knowing that their skin is effectively and safely changing using the resources and healing powers of their own body.

To find out more about AcCellerate Skin Rejuvenation and how it can work for you, please contact our office today. Dr. Moyer proudly educates patients on requirements, procedure and results of this new skin resurfacing treatment. We look forward to helping you achieve real results using the most natural, yet powerful, methods available.