Breast Reduction

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Cumming GA Breast Reduction Plastic SurgeonIn today’s society, it may surprise you to know that there are many women who are uncomfortable with the largeness of their breasts. While it does seem to be a popular trend among secular society for women to “flaunt their assets,” there are many women who desire to dramatically reduce their size of their breasts.

For some women, overly large breasts create physical and emotional issues and can have a negative effect on their overall health. Back and neck problems are often associated with large breasts as the weight of the breasts causes an increase of pressure while standing straight up. This extra weight can lead women to overcompensate and arch their backs or pull their shoulders back, or it can lead women to constantly leaning forward and pulling their spines into a hunched position. Extra weight from overly large breasts can cause quite a bit of discomfort for many women, and is the most common reason cited for breast reduction surgery.