Mohs Reconstruction and Scar Revision


Cumming GA Mohs ReconstructionRegardless of where it is found on the body, a cancer diagnosis is one that no one wants to receive. Skin cancer on the facial region can be exceptionally difficult to receive because patients know that any type of surgery will result in scarring and disfigurement of the face. Mohs surgery is an advanced and very specialized surgical technique for the removal of skin cancer. Not only is the cure rate for certain skin cancers using Mohs surgery at 99%, but the removal can be followed by Mohs reconstruction and scar revision.

Because skin cancer affects layers of skin, it is often unpredictable in size and shape. It is not uncommon for tiny lesions that are visible on the skin to have large “roots” under the skin, requiring the much larger removal of skin tissue than expected. Mohs reconstruction and scar revision involves using skin grafts or local flap closure to restore loss of facial tissue during cancer removal. Facial lesions require an extremely technical reconstruction to achieve minimal scarring and an excellent aesthetic result.

Dr. Hunter Moyer has experience and expertise in Mohs reconstruction and scar revision that allows him to work on areas of cosmetic significance such as the nose, lips, eyelids, and the cheeks. Once the cancer is fully removed from the face, the chief purpose of Mohs reconstructive surgery is to repair affected areas and reestablish form, function, and beauty to the delicate areas of the face.

Patients who are not accustomed to seeking plastic surgery are particularly daunted by needing to have reconstruction and scar revision to their facial region. Dr. Hunter offers compassion and reassurance that his expertise will allow patients to recover with the results that they desire. With Mohs surgical techniques, scars are virtually imperceptible and the aesthetics of a person’s face are optimal.

Please contact the practice of Hunter Moyer, MD, to schedule a consultation regarding Mohs reconstruction and scar revision. If at all possible, scheduling a consultation before cancer removal is ideal.

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