Skin Grafts & Wound Coverage

Dr. Hunter Moyer of Regional Health Plastic Surgery, is your most trusted surgeon for wound coverage and closure, as well as other body plastic surgeries. He is a board certified plastic surgeon who uses the latest skin grafting techniques to help patients who have acquired major wounds with loss of skin, fat tissue and/or exposure of vital structures such as the bone, blood vessels, or nerves. To close wounds and fill areas of lost tissue, Dr. Moyer can perform skin grafts, local rotation flaps, or free tissue transfer. Since each patient’s body heals differently, Dr. Moyer carefully evaluates each patient during consultation to determine which method would provide the most natural-looking and effective results.

Skin grafts are typically used to treat damaged skin after a serious injury or trauma. Surgical excision of the damaged skin is followed by skin grafting. Dr. Moyer performs skin grafting to not only improve the function and appearance of the wound area, but also to facilitate treatment and healing.

Flap Surgery is a reconstructive technique that is an excellent option for repairing defects after an injury or mastectomy. Dr. Moyer frequently uses flap techniques during facial reconstruction after skin cancer removal such as Mohs surgery. During a local rotation flap procedure, tissue is freed and rotated for positioning into the adjacent area to cover the defect. This technique allows the tissue to remain attached to the body at its base with blood vessels that enter into the flap from the donor site.

Depending on your specific wound location and its complexity, you may also benefit from free tissue transfer. The type of grafting requires moving healthy tissue from one area of the body and transferring it to the wound site, whereby it is surgically reconnected to blood vessels adjacent to the wound.

An Experienced Plastic Surgeon for Wound Closure

If a trauma, injury or surgery has left you with an unsightly wound, you need the expertise of an experienced plastic surgeon to restore your skin to new. Dr. Moyer blends his scientific insight with the art of plastic surgery to give you the most favorable results possible. 

Contact our office today for a consultation with Dr. Hunter Moyer. Our expertise in plastic surgery can help you put the past behind you!