Your Breasts and Your Self-Esteem

box2Summer brings with it heat, and with high temperatures the shorts get shorter and the tops get smaller. For many women who have small breasts, summer also brings with it feelings of low self-esteem and self-consciousness.

Clothes and bathing suits that are made for women are cut on a bias for a woman’s figure. Most shirts, blouses, and dresses are cut with an hourglass shape, perfect for women who have adequate breast tissues, a small waist, and curvy hips. However, there is no one specific shape to women’s bodies, and those who are smaller in the breast area often find that they do not fill out the upper portion of clothing garments that are meant to flaunt the breasts. The same is true of bathing suits. Most bathing suit tops are meant to accentuate or show off the breasts, yet for women who have smaller chests this is often a source of discontentment.