Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Hunter Moyer is a skilled plastic surgeon who stays at the forefront of latest, most effective breast reconstruction methods and other breast surgeries. After a lumpectomy or mastectomy to remove breast cancer, breast reconstruction surgery is designed to recreate a breast using implants or tissue flaps. Breast reconstruction is an elective surgery for women who desire to rebuild their breasts after breast cancer treatment. Breast reconstruction can be performed immediately after breast cancer removal or delayed until other treatment is complete.

Since each breast cancer patient’s journey is different, there are several reconstructive techniques to address the amount of remaining tissue, the severity of the cancer, and the patient’s body structure. Dr. Moyer is dedicated to advancing breast reconstruction and performs a wide range of techniques.

Breast Reconstruction with Implants

If a patient has enough remaining tissue after the cancer is removed, a saline or silicone implant can be inserted to rebuild the breast mound. For patients who do not have enough lax tissue, a tissue expander may be used to create space. An expander is a balloon-like device that is inserted beneath the skin and gradually inflated to stretch the skin to allow the patient’s own tissue to sufficiently hold a new implant.

Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Flaps

Latissimus: The latissimus is a large muscle covering the upper portion of the back. The muscle, fat, and skin can be raised and transferred to the breast pocket to rebuild a breast mound. Dr. Moyer may use an implant during a latissimus flap if the patient wishes to have larger breasts.

Dr. Moyer is committed to using the safest, most advanced breast reconstruction techniques to help women regain a natural, attractive and confident look after breast cancer. According to your needs and preferences, he utilizes the following techniques to optimize your results:

TRAM (Transverse Rectus Abdominus Myocutaneous): The TRAM flap is a section of the patient’s abdominal tissues used to reconstruct the breast. Since the donor tissue is taken from the abdomen, blood vessels maintain connection to allow a safer transfer. This transfer is called a pedicled TRAM. The free TRAM flap technique completely detaches the tissue and blood supply from the abdomen before being placed into the breast. These surgeries were pioneered by Atlanta Plastic Surgery founder, Carl Hartrampf, MD.

DIEP: Similar to the TRAM technique, the DIEP breast reconstruction technique uses the patient’s own tissue harvested from the abdomen to rebuild the breast mound. However, the abdominal muscle is not violated.

Reconstruction with Acellular Dermal Matrices: To help prevent breast surgery complications, acellular dermal matrices (ADM) are engineered biological materials that mimic the patient’s tissue to add and repair the body. In breast reconstruction, an ADM is placed around the tissue expander or implantfor support. Dr. Moyer continues to stay at the forefront of breast reconstruction and has authored many articles regarding ADMs and their use to enhance breast reconstruction. Check out Dr. Moyer’s articles page to view his published work.

Contact our practice today to learn more about Dr. Moyer’s advanced techniques to reconstruct your breasts after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. We make every effort to ensure your experience with us is as comfortable and rewarding as possible.