Neck Lift Procedure

Dr_MoyerThere are many different factors that contribute to the changes in the facial appearance. Age, weight, weight loss, genetics, sun exposure, and smoking have the greatest impact on the appearance of the face. Age will take its toll on everyone at some point, and your tendency towards other factors can contribute to unwanted or early signs of aging in the neck.

The neck is a complicated part of the body that connects the head to the rest of the body. It is constantly moving throughout any day as people look in different directions, speak, chew, and even changing positions as you sleep. Constant movement with anything can cause laxity to occur, and this contributes to the sagging skin of the neck. People with certain genetic factors are more prone to a “turkey neck” than others, and this loosening of skin can add years to a person’s appearance. Some people are more prone to an excess amount of fat in the neck region, which causes them to have the appearance of a double chin or even a missing chin because the excess fat has taken away the definition of the jaw line.