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Plastic Surgeon Cumming GAThe majority of the world’s population has at least one mole on the body. Moles are benign lesions or dark spots on the skin created by an overproduction of melanin. Some moles are flat against the skin and remain approximately the same size for a person’s entire life. Other moles, however, change shape and appearance over time and can become an area of concern. Dr. Hunter R. Moyer, MD offers mole removal with superior results and minimal scarring.

The truth behind mole removal is that when your unwanted mole is in a place that causes you to feel self-conscious, such as the face, its removal is best done in the hands of a trusted and reputable cosmetic surgeon. Most dermatologists offer mole removal in their dermatology practices. However, having a mole removed from the leg or back is one thing, but having a mole removed from the face is an entirely different scenario.

While many people visit their dermatologists in order to determine whether or not their mole is suspicious in any way, a high percentage of these people will opt to have a cosmetic surgeon do the surgery to remove the mole. Dr. Hunter R. Moyer, MD will deliver utmost precision and care during any mole removal procedure. While mole removal in and of itself is a simple procedure, it requires the skill of an experienced and highly trained plastic surgeon to use closure techniques that will procure optimal results.

If you have a mole on your face, neck or anywhere else on your body that requires precise removal with minimal scarring, please contact the office of Hunter R. Moyer, MD today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Moyer offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures for the entire body to help patients achieve a flawless and confident appearance.

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