The Keller Funnel: What is it and How Does it Work?

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The Keller Funnel is a new FDA Class I device used for inserting a breast implant into the breast cavity.  The funnel is composed of a rip-stop nylon sleeve with a hydrophilic inner coating.  The company has made 5 claims espousing the use of the funnel over standard techniques.

  1. Employs a no touch delivery technique
  2. Reduces surgery time and physician fatigue
  3. Decrease the force on the implant shell
  4. Decreases incision length
  5. Lessens tissue trauma

Not all of these claims can be proven; however, we have found that using the funnel dramatically reduces the contact of skin to the implant surface.  In fact, the funnel results in a 27 fold decrease in skin contact and halves the amount of bacterial transfer during implantation.  In my opinion, this will result in significantly less infections and likely will reduce the incidence of capsular contracture.  For more information, please read the following article: Aesthetic Surgery Journal-2012-Moyer.pdf

Other groups have also reported a decrease in the stress experienced by the implant shell.  If true, implants may last longer and the risk of rupture is less.