Nasal Repair

box1Many people put a stigma around rhinoplasty and choose not to have any type of repair done to their nose in order to avoid having a “nose job.” While Hollywood and Desperate Housewives may have built up a stigma for this procedure, there are many people whose lives could be greatly improved by having nasal repair done. Not only is the nose a prominent feature of the face, but it is also a necessary factor for your breathing. It has been estimated that almost half of the American population has received some type of trauma to the nose from injury or accident, yet the majority of those afflicted do not have any repair work done. The body has incredible healing capabilities, yet it often does not heal in the exact ways that people want. This is especially true with the nose, and many are left with an undesired appearance or a nose that does not function properly.

Nasal repair surgery is more than just a “nose job.” Nasal repair surgery can correct issues that inhibit your ability to breathe well, correct issues of bone fragments that have healed improperly, as well as correct the disproportion of the nose with the face. Trauma that occurs at or around the nose early in life can cause serious sinus issues to develop as you age. Many children get hit hard in the nose while rough-housing with their siblings or playing sports, young adults may experience a sports-related injury, and still many are involved in an accident or other injury that resulted in a fractured nose. When the nose is not properly reset or fixed following an injury, it can develop scar tissue that will hinder air flow in and out. A nose that has been fractured and did not receive repair can also develop a large bump or growth on the nose, making the nose appear disproportionate to the face.

It is always ideal to have any type of injury evaluated by a doctor to make sure that you receive the necessary treatment for your injury. However, for those who did not have a nose injury repaired, nasal fracture repair can successfully be done years later by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Hunter Moyer of Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. is a board certified plastic surgeon with world-class training and experience. He understands that every rhinoplasty procedure is unique to each patient, and he carefully sculpts the nose to correct issues and to complement a person’s other facial features for a natural and balanced result.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, have experienced trauma to the nose, or are having issues with the function of your nose, please contact our practice today. Dr. Moyer will meet with you to thoroughly discuss your options.
Posted on behalf of Dr. Hunter Moyer
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