Thigh Lift

Are you embarrassed to wear shorts or skirts because of unattractive thighs? Let the Rapid City area’s leading plastic surgeon help you. Dr. Hunter Moyer is a skilled and talented surgeon who is known for providing natural, long-lasting results with body contouring procedures. When it comes to thigh lift surgery, you can trust that he will use the latest techniques available and customize his approach to meet your unique needs and concerns.

Thigh lift surgery eliminates isolated fat deposits and sagging skin of the upper leg. However, unlike liposuction that removes smaller deposits of fat, thigh lift surgery targets larger areas of the inner and outer thighs to remove layers of fat and trim excess skin. Remaining tissues are tightened to create a more aesthetically pleasing contour of the leg. This procedure is often performed for post-bariatric patients who have excess, hanging skin or stubborn fat that diet and exercise cannot resolve.

To target specific areas, Dr. Moyer offers inner, bilateral, and medial thigh lifts.

• Medial-Medial thigh lift targets the highest area, typically the upper third of the leg. Incisions are made alongside the pelvic area to remove sections of fat and skin around the groin and hips. Most surgical scars can be hidden by swimsuits and underwear.

• Bilateral- Bilateral thigh lift tightens the front and outer areas of the legs. This procedure is often used for post-bariatric patients since it produces the most extensive results.

Benefits of a Thigh Lift

Dr. Moyer has delivered profound benefits to patients who choose thigh lift surgery. This procedure can reduce or eliminate the following unwanted features in the thighs:

• Sagging

• Wrinkles

• Volume

• Dimpled skin

Thigh lifts are not designed to be an instant weight loss method. While this procedure does involve excess fat removal, patients should be close to their ideal weight and in overall good health. Results are almost immediately visible, but patients must maintain a healthy lifestyle for results to remain long-lasting. Since there are various options for thigh lifts, it is important to schedule an in-person consultation to determine which option will help you reach your goals.

Contact Dr. Moyer today for an experienced Thigh Lift Surgeon Dr. Hunter Moyer. You will find that we take extra measures to ensure your experience with us is as comfortable and rewarding as possible.