Your most trusted plastic surgeon for otoplasty in Rapid City is Dr. Hunter Moyer. He is a board certified plastic surgeon with world-class training and experience. He is known for delivering exceptional results when it comes to facial cosmetic surgeries and facial rejuvenation treatments, such as otoplasty.

While the ears are not as noticeable as other facial features, the ears are important to create symmetry and balance for overall facial aesthetics. During ear pinning surgery, an incision is typically hidden behind the ear where cartilage can be sculpted or augmented. Cartilage may be folded or trimmed to create a more balanced appearance. Like rhinoplasty, ear surgery can be both cosmetic and reconstructive to correct any deformities in the ear or hearing obstructions.

Ear Reduction and Revision Surgery

Dr. Moyer carries the specialized expertise and talented artistry it takes to correct ear deformities present at birth as well as those that were caused by trauma or injury. He uses the latest surgical techniques to repair the following defects of the ear:

• Macrotia (overly large ears)

• Constricted ears (lop ear deformity)

• Prominent or protruding ears

• Cauliflower ear

• Misshapen ears

When choosing ear reduction or revision surgery, you can expect Dr. Moyer to carefully listen to your specific concerns and goals. He makes it a priority to educate parents in detail regarding their recommended surgical procedure, including the optimal timing of otoplasty for the most favorable outcome. It is best that ear reduction surgery be performed after a child’s ears are fully grown, around 5 or 6 years of age. However, to reduce peer ridicule and psychological distress, Dr. Moyer suggests otoplasty sooner rather than later.

Otoplasty is typically a minimally invasive procedure where incisions are made behind the ear. Dr. Moyer can profoundly improve the shape, size and positioning of the ears during this procedure. You can trust that he will deliver natural, well-balanced results without compromising the hearing and function of the inner ear.

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