Glossary of Terms

Accellular Dermal Matrices (ADM) – ADM’s are engineered biological materials that mimic a patient’s tissue to augment soft tissues in the body when there is not an adequate amount of tissue available for placement of an implant.

Auto Augmentation - A breast lift technique that uses a patient’s excess inferior breast tissue to enhance the upper portion of the breast. This technique preserves tissue since it is not discarded and augments the breast without the use of implants.

Breast Implants – Flexible, silicone elastomer shells filled with either saline or silicone solution to augment the size and shape of the breast.

Cannula - A long and thin hollow tube used in liposuction to remove fat deposits.

Capsular Contracture - A breast implant complication that occurs when fibrous tissue forms around the breast implant as the body’s natural response to a foreign object placed in the body. Breast revision is a procedure to resolve this complication.

Cauliflower Ear - A condition caused by repetitive trauma to the ear that results in collections of blood clots. These blood clots results in the formation of fibrous tissues within the cartilage. This condition is common among wrestlers, boxers, and other people who participate in close-contact sports.

Congential Disorders - Medical deformities or abnormalities present before or at birth.

Expander - An inflatable, balloon-like device inserted under the skin and filled with saline solution to expand the skin for implant placement or skin grafting.

Fat Transfer - Using liposuction, fat is extracted from one area of the body for re-injection into another site. This technique is often used in buttock augmentation.

Free TRAM Flap – Technique used in TRAM flap breast reconstruction that harvests a patient’s own abdominal fat and tissue to be reattached and formed into a new breast mound.

Gynecomastia – A medical condition in males when their mammary glands overdevelop, resulting in overly large breasts and a feminized appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid – A complex sugar that is a natural occurring substance found in the human body. Hyaluronic acid is often featured in facial fillers such as Juvéderm® to replenish lost volume in skin.

The Keller Funnel™ – An FDA approved device to ease the insertion of a breast implant by transferring the implant directly from its original package into the breast cavity.

Melanin - Pigment that provides color for the hair, skin, and eyes.

Mommy Makeover - A customizable combination surgery performed to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy body. Procedures generally include liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, and/or breast surgery.

Pedicled TRAM Flap – Technique used in TRAM flap breast reconstruction where fat and tissue from the abdomen is internally transferred to the breast area through the torso.

Smile Lines – Small wrinkles that develop around an individual’s eyes and mouth caused by aging and repeated facial expressions.