Facelift/Mini Facelift

Dr. Hunter Moyer is a reputable board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facelift and brow lift procedures. He carries a depth of experience and world-class training that enable him to provide patients with the natural, long-lasting results they deserve. Dr. Moyer is pleased to deliver the latest in facelift and mini facelift techniques to address your individual concerns and help you regain a more youthful appearance.

Facelift surgery provides overall facial rejuvenation by tightening the patient’s underlying muscle and tissue as well as eliminating sagging skin. Incisions are hidden along the hairline and scalp so that Dr. Moyer can remove excess tissue to reposition facial skin to a more youthful appearance. For patients who do not require a full face lift, Dr. Moyer can implement mini facelift methods which target areas in the upper, mid, or lower face to address issues with lax skin, wrinkles, and fat deposits. Often, this procedure is combined with others such as neck lift to rejuvenate specific concerns.

Dr. Moyer performs a special facelift procedure originally developed at Emory in which the strong suspensory ligaments deeper in the face are tightened and supported. This prolongs the results and improves patient satisfaction.

Brow Lifts

Also known as an upper facelift, brow lift surgery is a facial rejuvenation procedure to tighten lax skin and muscle in the forehead. Dr. Moyer carefully makes small incisions along the patient’s hairline and then uses a lighted camera, called an endoscope, to carefully dissect and elevate the forehead and brows. The endoscope minimizes the number and size of incisions, as well as reduces recovery time.

For your benefit, our practice accepts a variety of payment methods and we offer affordable financing plans using CareCredit. You can trust that we respect your privacy concerns at all times during your cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

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