Mohs Surgery

Dr. Hunter Moyer is pleased to offer his expertise in Mohs Reconstruction Surgery. He is an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon who carries world-class training in reconstructive, cosmetic surgery and body plastic surgery.

Mohs surgery is an advanced surgical technique for skin cancer removal. Because of this procedure, the cure rate for certain skin cancers can exceed 99 percent. In Mohs excision, a surgeon progressively removes a cancerous lesion layer by layer until only cancer-free tissue remains.

Since skin cancer is commonly found on the face and the defect is often unpredictable in size and shape, patients often seek reconstruction by a plastic surgeon after excision by the Mohs procedure. Using techniques determined by the patient’s needs, Dr. Moyer focuses on maintaining healthy skin while providing aesthetically pleasing results. Depending on the size and location of your skin cancer removal, Dr. Moyer can use Mohs reconstruction techniques such as skin grafts or local flap closure to restore irregular or scalloped wound borders and rebuild the face to a normal and natural appearance.

Scar Revision

Do you have unsightly scars that need attention? Dr. Moyer performs scar revision with exceptional skill and careful expertise. Scar revision procedures are designed to reduce the appearance of scars caused by trauma or previous surgery. Deep scars can be addressed using similar techniques as MOHS reconstruction where surgical excision is used in removal. For moderate to minor scarring, laser treatments, dermabrasion and chemical peels can be used to significantly reduce the appearance.

Contact Dr. Hunter Moyer today to schedule a consultation and learn more about his expertise in Mohs surgery and scar revision. Whether it is skin cancer or a previous trauma, we can help put the past behind you. Regional Health Plastic Surgery is where patients turn to regain a more confident look using the most progressive, yet safest methods available.